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Child Custody

  • Establish Paternity

  • Set up or modify a parenting plan

  • Child Support

Child born outside of marriage, what do I do? The first thing you need to do is establish paternity. Regardless if the father is listed on the birth certificate or not, establishing paternity establishes visitation rights and child support. 

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How do I know if it is appropriate to change the current parenting plan or child support?

Idaho Law allows you to change or modify your current agreement when there has been a "substantial change" in your circumstances. This could be due to moving to a new residence, getting married, changing jobs/income. 

How is child support determined in Idaho?

Idaho child support calculations are laid out in the Idaho Rules of Family Law. These Rules take into consideration several factors when determining an appropriate amount of support, some of the factors the Court will consider include: Income of both parents, and the amount of time each parent spends with the child/ children,  This is why parenting time must be determined before child support can be calculated.

I need child support now, I cannot wait until we reach an agreement. What can I do?

If the other parent is refusing to offer any support or help to the custodial parent, (or the support or help is too low) your attorney can request a temporary order for child support. This is a temporary solution that will get you through until a more accurate calculation can be made. 

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